The Benteen Brothers

Harvest of Barren Regrets:
The Great American Triptych

Harvest of Barren Regrets is a work in process (and, hopefully, progress), begun in the summer of 2008. The completed work will be comprised of three individual pieces -- each wildly varied in form and style, but unified in theme. With masks, accordions, dances, puppets, PVC pipes, and more, Harvest of Barren Regrets swirls together the sounds and stories of a few unlikely and slightly tragic  American heroes to create a pulsing portrait of Walt Whitman's favorite country.

Part I -- Among the Butterflies: a heart-to-heart with

In which alleged money launderer Bill Benteen, CEO of Big Horn Industries, the nation's one-two-three-third largest corn syrup processing company, pleads his humanity before the American public. With the help of Eugenio, his son's fourth grade drama teacher, and Frederick Benteen, his Civil War hero great grandfather, Bill stages this "theatrical divertissement" to prove that he is a likeable, regular guy.              Running time: 20 minutes.